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Accommodation Options Abroad

Schools offer many options regarding the places you will stay during your education abroad. Accommodation registration process is done through the accommodation department of the schools. Accommodation options vary according to the school. Therefore, you should also consider the accommodation alternatives offered when deciding on the school where you will study.


Homestay accommodation is the most preferred type of accommodation by students. The main reasons for choosing a family home are that it is cost-effective, provides an environment where the student can practice outside of school, and provides the opportunity to closely see and live the culture of the country where the student goes. There are single or double room options in homestay accommodation. A room with private bathroom is also available, depending on the individual’s preference and the school’s options. Half board (including breakfast + dinner), only breakfast or no meal can be selected. The school determines the families who to work with and families are the families who are regularly supervised.

Dormitory Accommodation:

Dormitory accommodation is the second type of accommodation preferred by students.
In dormitory accommodation, there are also single accommodation options, while some dormitories have triple or quadruple accommodation options. Sections such as the kitchen and living area are common areas. Bathrooms and toilets are also generally shared, but some dormitories have a private bathroom option. Dormitory accommodation fees vary according to these criteria that students will choose. Generally, meals are not provided for dormitory accommodations.

On-Campus Accommodation:

It is a form of accommodation that can be used by students who have university education or language education on the university campus. The advantage over other accommodation options is that students can benefit from the activities on the university campus and socialize with native English-speaking students. There are single or shared room options.

Shared Student Houses:

Accommodation type where students share the same house with other students. There is an option of single or shared rooms. Areas such as bathroom, kitchen, living area are for common use. Student houses do not have meals, students have the opportunity to cook their own meals in the open kitchen.