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Visa Services

Visa application procedures vary depending on the country of application. As Up Education, our experienced consultants inform the students in detail about the visa criteria of the country of application, our consultants fill in all the necessary forms meticulously and provide them to make a complete visa application with the visa consultancy service it offers. The first step in applying for a visa is to have a passport with valid dates. Afterwards, enrollment acceptance letters come from the school and students start to prepare the required documents according to the list of documents required for the visa given by Up Education. Visa application forms are filled by our consultants and if necessary, a visa application appointment is made according to the procedures of the country to be applied. For some countries, online application is sufficient. Your visa application is finalized within the period stipulated by the consulate and your passport is received. After your passport is received, your accommodation dates are confirmed and your flight tickets are purchased. If requested by the student, airport welcome operations are organized. The fee specified on the school bill is deposited into Up Education’s or the school’s bank account. Before the trip, all documents that must be with the student are delivered and orientation is made about the country of destination.
Up Education maintains its connection with its students throughout their education, and is with them throughout their education with their knowledge and assistance.