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Since studying abroad is not limited to in-class lessons, it enables students who want to study language to use the language more actively.

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Summer schools are programs attended by students between the ages of 8 and 18. Thanks to the summer school programs, students not only improve their English level but also participate in various social and sports activities and have a fun summer holiday with friends from other cultures.

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Studying abroad is the dream of many students and has numerous advantages.
The most important of these is to be able to use the foreign language effectively. With the increasing number of international companies in Turkey every day persons with foreign experience and knowledge of foreign languages are one step ahead in recruitment.

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Competition in the business world is advancing rapidly. Those who want to be one step ahead of their opponents prefer to study master's degree abroad.
Those who have completed a master's degree abroad become more experienced, and they have the opportunity to start their careers faster.

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Experience in Education Abroad

Up Education Study Abroad Consultancy provides professional consultancy services to guide students who want to study abroad with accurate and reliable information to make the best decision for their education and career goals.  Up Education is the representative of hundreds of universities and language schools around the world, especially in England, America, Australia and Canada.  Up Education Overseas Education Consultancy has visited the schools that it represents, and with its education consultants who have all the necessary knowledge and equipment in their field, they provide the most reliable information to their students at every stage of their education process abroad and are always with them on their educational journey.


Language Schools

As studying languages abroad will not only be limited to in-class courses, it provides the opportunity to use the language more actively for students who want to study languages.

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Summer Schools

Summer schools are especially attended by students between the ages of 8 and 18. Through summer school programs, students both advance their English level and participate in various social activities and sports activities…

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Studying for university abroad is the dream of many students and has numerous advantages. At the very beginning of these is the effective use of a foreign language.

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Postgraduate Programs

Competition in today’s business world is growing rapidly, and one way preferred by those who want to be one step ahead of their competitors is to study abroad for a master’s degree.

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Certificate Programs

Abroad are short-term programs whose duration ranges from 1 month to 1 year. With flexible start dates and easy admission conditions, it allows participants to receive training in their professional fields abroad in a short time and continue their careers with a unique experience.

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High School Education

High school education abroad has been highly sought after by families and students in recent years. High school education abroad opens the door for students to study abroad in addition to the ability to use English at an advanced level.

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